Week 4: Adalya Amethyst Earrings

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Sorry for the delay…It has been a busy week. This week’s color focus is purple: “purple symbolizes kingship, majesty, royalty and reigning with Christ in heavenly places” (www.preciousstonesof thebible.com). Natural stones in various colors are used throughout the Bible for decorative purposes. Specifically, amethyst is mentioned in Exodus 28:19 and 39:12 as being a part of the design of the breastpiece. It is also mentioned in Revelation 21:20 as a part of the decoration of the city walls of the New Jerusalem. What a beautiful place heaven will be! Week after week, I am reminded to reflect on God’s Word through the little things that are all around us, be it a piece of jewelry or a beautiful color in nature.

When I picked the color this week, I was not sure what I was going to create. I know I had this beautiful amethyst that I wanted to use. I said a little prayer for direction and started designing. Each component of these earrings is handcrafted from the jump rings to the ear wires. I give God all the credit for the design. These earrings measure approximately 3 inches. Each amethyst measures approximately 1 ¼ inch. One available.


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