Yada Necklace

Iolite drops glisten among warm, golden aragonite beads and cool turquoise chips. Necklace measures 29” in length. Aragonite’s energizing and confidence-boosting properties paired with Iolite’s organizational and Turquoise’s enthusiastic capabilities make this a power necklace.

The gemstone colors alone are enough to energize me and boost my confidence; which is why I have decided to name this necklace “Yada” because it makes me happy every time I look at it. Thanks to Renee Swope and her new book A Confident Heart, I learned that the word “yada” is Greek for the word “know” and its meaning is “a deep emotional experience.” Every time I see or wear this necklace I will be reminded of God’s love, His desire for a relationship—to know me, and to have confidence in the abilities that he has given me. Isn’t it cool how God works? I picked these stones out and put them together because I like them (it is an unusual combination) but after reading about their meanings and after finishing chapter two in A Confident Heart, I can see how God is showing me to believe in the jewelry making ability that He has given me. So, this will be my confidence necklace…God given confidence that is.

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