The Start of EZRA

EZRA started with the repurposing of a couple of old necklaces for my aunt. I have always loved jewelry and turning those necklaces into pieces that she would actually wear was really fun—I was hooked. I started repurposing some of my own jewelry and bought some tools to start making my own. I was looking for a name to call my jewelry and while I was doing a daily devotional I stumbled upon the book of Ezra in the Bible. I knew immediately that that was the name for my jewelry. EZRA means “God helps” & I feel like he gave me the ability to create jewelry so the name fit perfectly—bear in mind I have never made jewelry before. Since then I have been making jewelry and selling it at a local consignment shop & host my own jewelry parties. I love to make fun, slightly whimsical pieces at very reasonable prices. I started this blog to help me write about my jewelry and to share it with others.       


2 thoughts on “The Start of EZRA

  1. I admire your passion and courage in going for what you love to do! I also am “hooked” on your jewelry; knowing that such a wonderful and talented young woman labored with undeniable passion in the pieces I have from your collection makes it that more special in wearing them! Thanks again for your hard work and sharing your desire in the jewelry industry! Lisa Porch Giles

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